“Masterful Guitar Playing."
  - The Oregonian Newspaper

"KC's songs are heart-tugging and well-crafted, and his skill as a picker belie years of experience on the fret board."

  - Jack McMahon, Music Millennium, Portland


[Video Premiere - Live from the Rye Room] "Craine’s personal journey echoes through the song “Daddy’s Old Guitar”...the melodic, dreamy tones of his guitar performance create a sense of nostalgia and longing."

  - Vortex Music Magazine, Portland


"KC Craine is one of the best players in Portland that you've never heard of. That's about to change."

  - Matt Greco, Producer, The Rye Room


“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the show you did for the Portland Guitar Society. Lots of versatility, styles, tunings, etc.
  - Burt Keeble, Portland Guitar Society

"I really enjoyed "Guitar Notes". This is what it would've sounded like for Jimmy Page to produce Leo Kottke!"
  - Eric Skye, Guitarist and Recording Artist - Portland, Oregon

"Guitar Notes" takes the listener on an atmospheric journey through compositional terrain that ranges from brightly colored to dimly lit -- with a little Hawaiian slack-key thrown in. Craine's impeccable technique and clarity are evident throughout, as is his control of dynamics, whether on fast-paced romps like "Dance of the Lawn Gnomes" or slow tempo tunes where Craine stretches the pauses between the notes to amp up the emotion. There are plenty of soft edges in his compositions, but it is in the more bluesy pieces that Craine especially shines. Whatever the landscape, "Guitar Notes" is a wonderful addition to the acoustic guitar repertoire."
  - Celine Keating, Minor 7th

“Second Wind is a delight, reminds me a bit of Windham Hill guitarists I have heard."
  - Bill Warmoth, Artisan Guitars, Nashville

“If you are anywhere close, make the time to see KC. Nice vocals and guitar work."
  - Steve Anderson, Breedlove Guitars, Bend, Oregon

“I just saw your concert last night and I found myself moved and led to introspection several times. I liked how you placed yourself in your community and family lineage. "Daddy's Old Guitar" was the title I remember, but there were others. You've taken your life as it is and made music from it.”
 - Robert Spencer, Nampa, Idaho

"KC Craine's Daddy's Old Guitar is a very complete body of work. Outstanding lyrics with significant depth evoke memories and paint stories in your mind. KC's tasteful playing compliments his soulful, folksy voice; very warm and familiar. You just can't sit down and listen on on track, you'll be enjoying the whole CD before you can walk away. Very, very nice."
   - Jaime Cafe, iTunes

"Saw your Road 20 album release concert last night at Hipbone Studio. Wow! What a great show...I really, really enjoyed it. The room was perfect, tha ambiance- superb, and the music- priceless! It was so great in so many ways, thanks for your wonderful music."
 - Jim Brown, Portland

“Second Wind is like a breath of fresh air. The album encircles the listener with passion and inspiration."
 - Eric Schultheis, Guitarist with Key of Dreams