I specialize in fingerstyle guitar and helping students "get over the hump" in their playing. We start with a good foundation with tunings and chords, then move to finger picking and accompaniment techniques. We'll learn songs to play at home, at church, at the campfire. Work on your "set" for an open mic or live performance. Learn how to read tablature and learn from CD's, books and the web.

$60 per hour lesson


What people are saying about lessons:

"KC has truly been an inspiration to me, helping me go from a so-so player to a not-bad player in just a few weeks."
     - Justin, Portland, OR

"Your Skype lessons have really been great. I've played for years, but I've learned more good stuff from you in the last few months than ever. You are the finger picking guru!"
   - Michael, Madison, WI

 "Our son sleeps with his guitar now thanks to you."
     - Victoria, Grapevine, TX

 "The web-cam lessons are awesome. You've really helped me put the pieces together and not just stop at a half-finished song."
     - Dave, San Jose, CA